AK Kin is pleased to offer an extensive range of composts, organic fertilisers and liquid feeds to optimise your soil conditions and ensure a successful growing season.

We deliver all our compost products directly to your door, with excellent value multi-packs, seeding kits and larger bulk bags to cater to larger projects, always with complimentary shipping.

Our compost range includes best-selling brands with superior quality nutrition, including:

  • Propagation pellets
  • All-purpose compost
  • Seed sowing compost
  • Pest-free sustainable composts
  • Vermiculite and perlite
  • Tree planting mulch
  • Compost additives

Each item in our compost catalogue provides full specification details, including recommended use, ideal pot sizes, and dimensions to help you plan.

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The AK Kin compost and topsoil collection has all you need for any gardening task, including lawn nourishment, seeding and flower preparation.

Popular products include multi-purpose compost, packed with nutrients, and organic, peat-free composts for eco-friendly gardens.

Multi-purpose composts are used in seeding and potting, or you can add fertile topsoil to garden areas to improve drainage and boost growth. It is ideal for almost all lawns, bedding plants and borders.

We offer free delivery nationwide, with packs available from smaller bags to wholesale pallet deliveries always at a competitive price.

Composts can be derived from many materials. We stock several organic, 100% peat-free composts created from resources, suitable for vegan use and including zero green waste.

The Royal Horticultural Society also endorses our RHS Melcourt Sylvagrow range, widely used by professional growers, gardeners and landscapers for a number of varied garden applications.

Choosing a Garden Compost

Compost is a natural conditioner for the soil and adds humic acids along with those all-important nutrients. Your plants get the goodness they need, and you benefit from reduced pests and faster growth.

Our range includes expertly produced composts with modern techniques to deliver outstanding performance and plant support.

There are countless uses:

  • Composts and mulches improve the soil, acting as a natural pesticide and fertiliser.
  • Your compost can break up denser clay soils and be used to mulch fruit or vegetable plots, borders and any space where the soil is depleted.
  • Lay compost in tired soil beds to rejuvenate the growing conditions and produce more growth and greener, healthier plants.

The best compost for your garden will depend a little on the project you have in mind.

Composted bark, for example, is used to separate heavy soil, dress or mulch beds, and increase organic matter while improving soil structure, stability, water retention and aeration.

For azaleas and rhododendrons, we might recommend ericaceous compost, which reduces the alkaline levels in the soil and enriches the growing conditions.

A multipurpose compost is used to sow seeds, fill pots or containers or populate hanging baskets.

Please visit each product page for further details about the compost specification, applications and performance properties or inspect the endorsements and accreditations.

The AK Kin team is also on hand to help if you need any assistance selecting the right compost – or you can visit our Help and Advice page for useful articles and checklists.

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