Bark chippings have a diverse range of gardening uses and are a low-budget, low-maintenance way to add to your landscaping aesthetic and cover soil surfaces without incorporating synthetic materials into your garden.

The AK Kin bark range includes a large choice of products, such as:

As a decorative finish, bark chips are used in flower beds and borders, in either woodland mulch or ornamental chippings depending on the planting scheme.

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Borders, play spaces and flowerbeds benefit from a bark covering which protects against frost and maintains better moisture levels.

Our bark landscaping products are available for direct weekday delivery, with next working day delivery available on orders placed before 3 pm Monday to Friday.

We offer the option of splitting payments through Klarna, can deliver bulk orders for wholesale clients, and are available to answer any questions you may have about your order or a specific product.

Uses of Landscaping Bark

If you choose to use bark as a mulch, it is economical and effective, with additional nutrition and moisture conservation. Bark layered over the topsoil reduces weed growth and deters pests.

Bark chips are a natural, untreated material and gradually decompose overtime. This process introduces new nutrients into the soil structure for greater bioactivity and healthier plants.

Mulch is composted for six weeks, sometimes much longer, to remove any trace of green garden material and result in a rich, consistent quality product.

Although mulch performs best applied to soil that has been pre-weeded and is warm and moist, you can use mulch at most points in the spring and autumn gardening seasons, aiming for a five cm thick layer.

Landscaping bark is used as a topper for potting projects, suppressing weeds, moss and liverwort, with disturbance resistance to keep younger plants protected as they grow.

Ornamental bark has many of the same properties as bark mulch, although you can use it in any decorative area of your garden.

Growing bark is a slightly different product and usually comes in fine particle sizes of between three and 18 mm, insulating the soil, vegan friendly, and used in planters, tubs and borders.

Natural bark chippings are an excellent product for most gardening tasks, whether to suppress weeds, improve the visual appearance, or support a healthy plant growing system.

Choosing Bark Chippings

Delicately scented wood chippings are used in various projects and are available in sizes from 50 to 70 litres. We deliver bark in any gradient, including pine, eco-bark, spruce and mixed wood chip products.

AK Kin stocks the leading brands in garden nutrition, including Melcourt, Pro-Grow and SylvaBark, all included within one comprehensive catalogue to cover your gardening needs.

As a family-run firm with years of expertise, our team can provide support and advice if you require assistance choosing the right bark for your garden. You can also visit our Help & Advice pages for knowledge guides and free resources.

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