Decorative Stones

Decorative garden stones are used in various gardening projects to lay pathways, build driveways, or develop natural, stylish footpaths around ponds and between planting schemes. Natural, hard wearing stones and gravel are highly versatile and a straightforward way to transform the appearance of your outdoor spaces and garden. They improve drainage and are available in stone chippings as a flatter textured stone ideal for borders and potted plants. AK Kin stocks a comprehensive range of decorative gravel, stones and garden pebbles suited to water features, plant protection, driveways, and pathways. As a gardening resource, decorative aggregates prevent weed growth and work seamlessly with membranes to control plant roots.

Order Decorative Garden Stones Online

Decorative landscaping stones are easy to lay and are practical as they require very little maintenance compared to other options such as paving slabs or garden turf. We deliver stones in various sack sizes, including multi-pack bags, to meet your needs for larger projects.

Our delivery service is free of charge, with next day shipping in the UK for all orders placed by 3 pm, Monday to Friday.

The AK Kin team is pleased to offer excellent customer service. We’re on hand to answer any queries you may have about a specific decorative stone product, your order, or the right gravel or stones for the landscaping task you have in mind.

Each high-quality decorative stone product we stock has been carefully selected for value, finish and performance.

Uses of Decorative Stones

You’ll find every size, texture and colour of decorative stone in our comprehensive range, including:

Whether you wish to cover a flower bed, spruce up your borders, lay a pathway or finish a driveway, we have a decorative stone suited to the size and style you require for your landscaping project.

Please browse each product page on the AK Kin site for further information about stone dimensions, colour, suggested uses, sourcing and volume of coverage offered per sack.

We also provide wet and dry image comparisons to give you a detailed look at how each decorative stone will perform in changing weather conditions!

Choosing Landscaping Stones

The right decorative gravel and stones will depend on your project. For example:

  • Beach and river pebbles are smooth and rounded, used around planting schemes and to build rock gardens.
  • Smaller gravels are ideal for flower bed drainage or to improve moisture levels in planted pots.
  • Slate chips are excellent at reducing weed growth.
  • Crushed gravel or granite chips are better for driveways or patios where you have furniture, and they are more stable and have a rustic appearance.

Explore our decorative stones range for more inspiration and compare the shades and sizes of the landscaping gravels and pebbles available for countless gardening projects.

Our sales team is friendly and helpful and will be happy to assist if you need advice about selecting the best decorative stones, depending on the intended purpose, type of planting system, and style you prefer.

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