Peat-Free Compost

Peat Free Compost

The government intends to ban the sale of all peat compost in garden centers by 2024 as part of its England Peat Action Plan. This follows increasing pressure from environmental and climate change campaigners, as well as home gardeners. Here at AK Kin we are always looking to source new soils that are peat free and planet friendly, here is what we have to offer you…


Multi-purpose Peat Free Composts

Peat Free Soil Conditioners

Peat Free Composts

Peat Free & Organic

The gardening experts at AK Kin know that quality peat-free composts and soils can transform the health and wellbeing of your plants and flowers.

Sustainably sourced soils are effective, safe and eco-friendly, delivered directly to your door with shipping throughout the UK mainland.

Our peat-free soils are available in a broad range of sizes and bags, whether you need to replenish the nutrients in a small patch of your garden or require a bulk delivery to use in a larger project.

Purpose-made blends from the best brands globally ensure you get the optimal fertile foundation for increased growth.

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Gardeners prefer peat-free compost or soil as a multi-purpose gardening resource. Most soils are made from tree waste or garden cuttings, saving refuse from landfill and producing a rich gardening base.

Peat beds, traditionally the source for peat-based composts, have also been depleted and take hundreds of thousands of years to establish, so the benefits to the natural world and our native ecosystems are significant.

How is peat-free soil made?

Forestry and botanical cuttings are shredded and then composted in the usual way, with regular turning to ensure the material decomposes evenly and thoroughly.

Each batch takes around three months to make and is screened before packing to remove larger wooden particles and leave you with a sack of beautifully fertile, peat-free compost ready for immediate use in your garden.

Benefits of Peat-Free Soil

Along with the environmentally green credentials, AK Kin peat-free compost is versatile and will improve the outcomes of countless gardening projects.

As a few examples of common uses for peat-free soil:

  • Feeding mulch involves adding a layer of around four to eight cm along the top of the soil in your flower beds. The compost prevents weed growth, stops excessive moisture loss, and feeds your plants and soil simultaneously.
  • Topdressing lawns means adding a finely screened organic compost to your lawn as a feed, ensuring the grass stays green and healthy even in drier conditions, with a reduced water requirement.
  • Incorporating peat-free compost into the topsoil in your garden improves soil quality by enhancing fertility, increasing the soil temperature and raising the moisture retention qualities.
  • You can use peat-free soil as compost for shrubs and plants, lining the pre-dug hole before planting. This process helps embed healthier roots with better moisture retention and establish a strong plant base for ongoing growth.
  • Laying turf – peat-free soils are ideal for turfing, and they reduce the time required for the new roots to knit with your topsoil and make it faster to establish a new lawn (with a shorter watering timescale). Just add a layer of peat-free compost of around two cm thick to the topsoil, and be sure to rake it in before you lay your turf.

Choosing the Best Peat Free Soil

Our range of peat-free composts and soils includes some of the leading brands in British gardening, including Sinclair, Melcourt Sylvagrow, Heart of Eden and Bulrush.

We stock peat-free soil conditioners, composts, multi-purpose composts and organic materials, with full specifications and instructions included within the product details.

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