Clematis ‘Fireworks’

The Clematis is a vigorous, deciduous perennial that blooms in late spring and early summer, often with a second flush later in summer. This particular species (fireworks) produce blue-violet flowers with a central red-purple bar.

Ideal for walls, trellis, arbours, pergolas; over shrubs, trees or hedges. The Clematis can be frown in fertile, well-drained, soil enriched with well-rotted organic matter. They flower best with top-growth in sun and roots in shade, but darker colours bleach in the sun, so these are best in partial shade. Plant with 10-15cm (4-6in) of stem below soil level to reduce danger of clematis wilt. Shade roots with stone slabs or with nearby plants. In spring, before growth begins, cut out twiggy, dead, or damaged growth and trim remaining shoots back to strong buds.

SIZE: H 2.5m (8ft), S 1m (3ft)

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